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  1. Do you think the man in the video is right when he says: “But, it is art, otherwise it wouldn’t be in a museum.”?
  2. Why is modern art sometimes considered controversial?
  3. Which of the following opinions do you agree with?
    a) “If it’s not beautiful, it’s not art!”
    b) “Art should represent reality as closely as possible.”
    c) “An artist must demonstrate technical skill. Having an original idea is just not enough.” OR “An artist must have an original idea. Being able to demonstrate technical skill is just not enough.”
  4. In order to appreciate a work of art is it enough to find it pleasing to the eye, or is it important to consider other factors?
  5. Do you like going to art galleries? When was the last time? How long do you normally spend looking at each piece of art?
  6. What do you think it would be like to work as a security guard in an art gallery? Would you like to work in an art gallery? Should art museum guards know something about art?
  7. What do you have on the walls of your home?
  8. Who is your favourite artist? Why do you like them so much?
  9. Do you regard yourself as a creative person? Do you ever draw, paint, sculpt etc? What about when you were a child?
  10. Is it possible to earn a living from art? How would your friends and family react if you told them that you wanted to be an artist?


Which one of the above questions is being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.




Here are a few optional activities.

a) For homework, ask your students to take a photo of something they see in the street which could be mistaken for a work of art. At the beginning of the following class ask them to form groups and tell each other about their discoveries.

b) Ask your students to create a work of modern art using one of these on-line painting tools.

Suggest they write a short critique including both a technical description (title of piece, colours/forms used, mood, visual effect, influences etc) and an interpretation of the artist’s intent, i.e. what the artist is trying to say. Encourage them to be as imaginative – and tongue in cheek – as possible. You may like to scaffold the activity by giving your students the following sentence frames.

  • The piece is titled ____
  • It is in the tradition of ____ and owes a great debt to ____.
  • The choice of ____ make us think of ____.
  • The use of ____ creates an impression of ____.
  • The way the artist has combined / juxtaposed / arranged ____ is ____.
  • What is really striking is (the way) ____.
  • The artist has clearly been influenced by ____.
  • The ____ is/are clearly reminiscent of ____.
  • The artist has obviously been influenced / inspired by ____.
  • The artist’s intent is to ____.
  • By …ing ____the artist is trying to convey the idea of / that ____.
  • This stunning work of art is an attempt to ____.
  • This beautiful piece makes us think (about / how / why) ____.
  • This profoundly thought-provoking work leads us to question ____.
  • What I particularly like about this piece is (the way that) ____.
  • When viewing the painting one can almost hear / smell / taste / imagine ____.
  • The mood is clearly one of ____.
  • On closer analysis, one can’t help feeling that ____.

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