Race the tube

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Optional activity : Before viewing the video you may like to ask your students to speculate about what is happening in the two images below.



Optional activity : After showing the video you might also like to show your students the route (a 380m sprint from Mansion House to Cannon Street station in the centre of London) taken by the runner.



  1. How often do you use public transport? Describe a journey you make on a regular basis.
  2. How important is it for a city to have a good public transport system?
  3. The video features an underground line in London. What is your experience of travelling on public transport in cities other than your own?
  4. Do you think the people behind the video were trying to make a point or were they just having fun?
  5. What’s the best form of transport if you are on holiday in a large city?
  6. Compare the different forms of public transport in your area in terms of the following factors: speed, cost, reliability, comfort, safety and general enjoyment.
  7. Do you ever use your car when you could walk, run or use public transport instead?
  8. There are lots of reasons for running, from running to catch a bus to running to keep fit. How often and on what occasions do you run?
  9. In an attempt to discourage the use of privately-owned cars and encourage the use of public transport, some cities have introduced special charges for people who want to drive into the centre of a city. Do you think this is a good idea?
  10. Is the public transport system in your area easy to use for disabled people, such as people in wheel chairs? How can public transport be made more accessible to people with disabilities?


1379775_421817411253594_1244418423_n.pngOptional video : After your students have discussed question 10 show them Anthony Ince’s Race the tube in a wheelchair video and ask them for their reactions. You can find an article on why the video was made here.

Campaign : Disabled Access Friendly provides ELT teachers with materials which focus exclusively on raising awareness about mobility disabilities. If you would like more information on DAF, visit their website at http://disabled-accessfriendly.com



Which one of the above questions is being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.


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