Kitten or smitten?

Note : The structure of this post differs slightly from the Teacher’s notes on How to use Viralelt.


Show your students the video below and ask them to guess what the connection between the two clips might be.

Alternatively, ask them to speculate about how the two still images below might be related.


Now show your students the two viral videos below (your students will probably only be able to stand a few seconds of the anger room). Ask the group for their reactions before putting your students into pairs/groups and moving on to the questions in Questiontime.


  1. What are the most common causes and symptoms of stress? How can you tell that someone is suffering from stress?
  2. Which of the the two “therapies” shown in the videos do you think is the most effective in reducing stress?
  3. How can keeping a pet help people to feel less stressed? What type of pet do you think would be best for reducing stress?
  4. Do you think breaking things is a good way to relieve stress? Do you ever feel like breaking something?
  5. Would you say that you lead a stressful life? Are there times in the day, week or year which are more stressful than others? What about relaxing? When and how do you relax?
  6. Some people say that a certain amount of stress can be good, useful or necessary. Do you agree? Why?/Why not?
  7. Do you think that life these days is more stressful than in the past? Why?/Why not?
  8. How often do you feel that you don’t have enough time? Do you often do things in a hurry? Does this make you feel stressed?
  9. When you feel stressed or irritable do you let your feelings out or do you tend to bottle them up?
  10. Would you describe yourself as an organised person? Do you think being organised helps to reduce the amount of stress in life? Why?/Why not?


Which two of the above questions are being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.


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