Cops shaking it off

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Show your students the two videos below and ask them for their reactions (you may decide to cut them short to save time).
The first video was uploaded to Youtube by Dover Police Department (USA) and rapidly went viral conferring instant fame on Officer Jeff Davis and “improving the image of the police around the country.” The second was uploaded to Youtube by the estranged wife of one of police officers shown. Like the first, it also rapidly went viral. But this time Policia Local de Cerdanyola (Spain) proceeded to suspend both officers from duty.


  1. Do you think these two videos have had a positive or negative effect on the public’s perception of the police and the work they do?
  2. Do you think the police should patrol their beat on foot or do you think policing is more effective when done by police officers in patrol cars?
  3. What kind of people decide to join the police? Would you ever consider joining the police force?
  4. Is the general feeling towards the police in your country positive or negative? Are the police generally friendly and approachable? Do they ever abuse their power?
  5. What do you imagine the day-to-day job of a police officer is like? Do you think films and TV series portray police work accurately?
  6. In which situations would you be glad to see a police officer? What about situations in which you might not feel so glad?
  7. How much contact have you had with the police? Has your personal experience of the police been good or bad?
  8. Why do we need the police? Can you envisage a society without a police force? What would it be like?
  9. Do you think listening to music in English is a good way to learn the language? How easy is it for you to understand the lyrics of a song?
  10. Do you sing along to songs when you’re listening to music? Have you ever sung or lip-synched in public?


Which two of the above questions are being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.


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