Invisible people

Note : All Viralelt posts share the same structure. Teacher’s notes appear only on How to use Viralelt. This is done to keep “teacher text” to a minimum and avoid repetition.


  1. Is homelessness a serious problem where you live? How often do you see people living on the street?
  2. How do you feel when you walk past homeless people? Do you think you would recognise a loved one if they were homeless and living on the street?
  3. How do people’s lives change when they lose their homes and have nowhere to go? What do you imagine life is like for homeless people?
  4. What are the main causes of homelessness? How do people end up living on the street?
  5. Do you ever give money to homeless people in the street? Have you ever stopped and talked to a homeless person? If you have, what did they say? If you haven’t, what do you think they would say?
  6. Do you think some people live on the street voluntarily, in other words, because they prefer to?
  7. Passers-by can’t give money to every homeless person they see on the street. How do people choose who to help and who not to help?
  8. What do you think homeless people do with the money that is given to them by passers-by?
  9. Whose responsibility is it to help people who have lost their homes: individual citizens, the government, charitable organisations or the homeless people themselves?
  10. What does the idea of home mean to you? Do you associate it with a physical place, or is it more of a feeling?


Which two of the above questions are being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.


To round off, you might like to show your students the viral video mentioned in B and ask them whether they think it’s real or a hoax.

I’ve also just seen this role-reversal video in which a “homeless” person attempts to give money to needy-looking passers-by.

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5 thoughts on “Invisible people

  1. Same problem here. I click on “Sitting Comfortably” but just get the same document as Question Time.

    • That’s strange, Anthony. I’ve just had a look and it seems to work OK. Bear in mind these are 3-page documents. Have you scrolled down?

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