Steer Crazy

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Tell your students they are going to watch a video which contains seven short clips related to the topic of cars and traffic. Dictate the following titles and ask them to choose the most appropriate title for each clip. (Note : In order to avoid confusion, tell your students that clip 3 has three parts.)

Narrow escape | Road rage | Bottleneck | Keep your eyes on the road |
Look! No hands! | Tight fit | How not to change lanes

Answers : 1) Look! No hands! | 2) Keep your eyes on the road | 3) Narrow escape | 4) Tight fit | 5) How not to change lanes | 6) Bottleneck | 7) Road rage

FYI 1 : The driver in clip 5 survived the crash.
FYI 2 : “Steer Crazy” is a play on words involving the verb to steer (a car) and the title of the 1980 American comedy movie “Stir Crazy”.


  1. Not all technological innovations are commercial successes. Do you think self-driving cars will be commercially successful? Do you think they will replace human-driven cars in the future?
  2. Do you think our roads would be safer if the majority of cars drove themselves? How safe would you feel being a passenger in a self-driving car?
  3. When you are driving do you ever do things which could divert your attention away from the road and other road users?
  4. Texting on a hand-held device while driving is illegal in most countries. How serious are other possible distractions such as talking to a passenger, making a phone call, eating or drinking, using a satnav, adjusting a radio or MP3 player, admiring the landscape or looking at roadside advertising?
  5. Most of us are both drivers and pedestrians. As a driver, do you ever get annoyed with pedestrians? What about when you’re a pedestrian, do you ever get annoyed with drivers?
  6. Are you good at parking? Have you ever bumped or scratched another car when parking?
  7. Choosing the right moment to overtake another vehicle or change lane on a motorway is vitally important. What goes through your head when you make this type of manoeuvre?
  8. Is traffic congestion a problem where you live? How often do you get stuck in traffic jams? How do you feel when you’re stuck in a jam?
  9. Traffic congestion and pollution are related problems. What can be done to reduce traffic pollution in our cities? Do you ever use your car when you could use public transport, cycle or walk?
  10. Why do some people seem to become more aggressive when they are behind the wheel of a car? Do you ever get angry with other road users when you’re driving?


Which two of the above questions are being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.


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