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Creep | noun /kri:p/ INFORMAL An ​obnoxious or unpleasant ​person, ​especially a man: He was such a creep – he was always ​staring at me in the ​canteen. / Leave me ​alone, creep!



  1. What do you think the video you have just seen is trying to say?
  2. Why do many people feel awkward or embarrassed when they are flirting with someone they feel attracted to?
  3. What are the best and most appropriate places to meet potential romantic partners? Consider the pros and cons of the following places and situations.
    At work | At university | On public transport | At a party |
    In a bar or club | In the street | In a library | Queuing |
    In a park | Doing a language course
  4. At what age is it easiest to find a long-term partner?
  5. Do you think using dating apps and social media platforms is a good way to look for a romantic partner? Do you know anyone who has done this? Would you ever consider using the internet to find the perfect partner?
  6. What do people tend to talk about when they are on their first date or flirting with someone they’ve just met? Do people normally tell the truth about themselves?
  7. If you are in a relationship and feel comfortable talking about it, explain to your classmates how you met your partner?
  8. Do you think “love at first sight” exists?
  9. How do people show they might be interested in a romantic relationship with the person they’re talking to? How do they show they’re not interested? How important is it that these signals are clear?
  10. How would you explain the difference between flirtation and sexual harassment?


Which three of the above questions are being discussed?

Download “Question time” and the “Sitting comfortably?” script in an editable Word document here.



A : “Kisses in Tokyo” – This controversial advert for a wearable translation device called ili was branded as “creepy” by viewers and social media commentators in January 2016. The ad, which features an attractive white man using the device to solicit kisses from young Japanese women, was later revealed to be staged. More information here.

B : “Creep” – The original video of the classic Radiohead song released in 1993. Lyrics here.

C : “Creep” in the cinema –  Charlotte Gainsbourg and Johnny Depp eyeing each other up in a scene from the 2004 French comedy drama film Happily Ever After (Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants).

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