What is Viralelt?

It would be hard not to have noticed the impact that viral videos have had in recent years. The most popular can notch up hundreds of thousands of hits in a matter of days and have the power to bring overnight global celebrity to the most unlikely of candidates. The secret of their success is their appeal to some of our most strongly felt emotions. These can be both positive (happiness, amusement, empathy, solidarity etc) and negative (anger, fear, disgust, embarrassment etc), but they are common to all of us regardless of our age or cultural background.The aim of Viralelt is to build up a bank of the most engaging viral videos and harness their emotional impact to generate language in the ELT classroom. Each video on Viralelt is accompanied by 10 conversation questions (Question time) and a listening activity (Sitting comfortably?)

Viralelt was launched on 5th February 2014.

Who’s it for?

Most of the language activities are aimed at upper intermediate (B2) to advanced (C2) adult learners of English.

me-viraleltWho’s behind it?

Ian James, a teacher and teacher-trainer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

How to find videos

Unfortunately, there is no menu column on the home page of this blog. Click through to the latest video post, then select a (topic-based) tag from the menu on the right.

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